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ENT Consultation

From Dr. Satinder Singh

Providing compassionate, evidence based maritorious care to the patients and providing management and treatment through whole of the spectrum of ENT disorders.

Dr. Satinder is a dedicated ENT Surgeon who believes in providing care with holistic approach.

General ENT Services

Looking for general ENT services. Get to know about various disorders and their treatment options associated with Ear, Nose and Throat.

Specialized ENT Services

Looking for specialized ENT services. Get to know about Cochlear Implantation, Voice Disorder & Surgery, Snoring & Sleep Disorder Surgeries and Sialendoscopy.

Our Service

We provide treatment services for the below disorders.

Cochlear Implantation

It is a surgically implanted device, which provides hearing sensation to the patients who have severe to profound deafness.

Voice Disorder & Surgeries

Learn about the normal voice disorder & surgeries. We treat almost all symptoms related to voice.

Snoring & Sleep Disorder

Get relief from various Snoring & Sleep disorders. Get to know about the available treatment options from the expert.


Non-surgical treatment of removing salivary gland stones & widening the narrowed salivary glands.

Ear Surgeries

Know about routine ear disorders and surgeries. We provide complete service palette for voice disorders.

Nose Surgeries

Know about routine nose disorders and surgeries. We treat all major nasal disorders and symptoms.


Know about routine throat disorders and surgeries. We treat all major throat disorders and symptoms.

Head & Neck

Know about routine head & neck disorders and surgeries. We treat all major head and neck disorders and symptoms.

Headache & Facial Pain

Sufferring from any headache and facial pain. We give you proper treatment for any disorder causing Headache & Facial Pain.