Balloon Sinuplasty

What is Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is a safe and less invasive procedure that opens up the ostium of sinuses, providing lasting relief to the patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. The procedure doesn’t involve any cutting or incision of any nasal bone or tissue. This procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia.

Why Balloon Sinuplasty?

Due to its less invasive in nature, the balloon which is inserted into the sinuses using the balloon catheter minimally fracturing the sinuse ostia bones and hence dilating it preserving the mucosa fractures. Balloon sinuplasty cause less damage and has a lower risk of scarring, bleeding, and associated problems.

Indications of Balloon Sinuplasty

  • CRS or recurrent acute sinusitis with headaches / PND / facial pain
  • Acute sinusitis not responding to medications
  • Children with CRS
  • Sinusitis with atrophic rhinitis
  • Sinusitis with small polypi (Hybrid)
  • Isolated fungal balls
  • Revision surgery
  • Critically ill patients

Recovery time after the procedure

It may vary from patient to patient. Usually, the recovery is really fast and the patient may get back to the normal routine the very next day of the procedure.

However, not all patients are a good candidate for balloon sinuplasty. There are certain contraindications to this procedure which includes:

  • If you have a grossly deviated nasal septum
  • Enlarged polyps (severe polyposis)
  • Cystic fibrosis & cilliary dysfunction

Thus, the balloon sinuplasty is preferred for faster recovery and less discomfort provided the candidate is selected properly. One should not forget to take appropriate treatment for any allergy associated with sinusitis.

Nasal endoscopy is a safe and risk free procedure. Usually the doctor gives local anesthesia with a spray atomizer before doing the procedure.