Throat Cancer

What are the common signs of throat cancer?

Throat cancers are common head neck cancer. Any neck mass is generally considered as cancer by people although neck masses always are not cancerous. The risk factors associated with throat cancer are smoking, drinking alcohol, chronic GERD problem, Human Papilloma virus (HPV). The symptoms generally are vague and may mimic other common problems like cold, sinus infection, throat infection. But if the following problems are present and persisting then one should be careful and should visit ENT specialist in order to have a correct diagnosis and treatment.
1. Change in voice which is persisting in spite of having treatment. Hoarseness is not always due to cancer but if it is chronic and not resolving then one should visit the ENT doctor.
2. Feeling of something sticking in the throat is a very common symptom.
3. Difficulty in swallowing. This generally worsens with time and ultimately diet becomes limited.
4. Persistent sore throat and pain on swallowing. Although this is a common symptom of throat infection but if after taking adequate medicine it is not improving then one should get it checked by ENT specialist.
5. Persistent neck mass should be investigated although neck masses are not always cancerous so it is always better to get it checked.