Snoring & Sleep Disorder Surgeries

Sleep Study

Is it necessary?

If you are a snorer and if you have symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea, then you should have a sleep study.

Where can it be done?

It can be done in hospital where you need to stay in hospital.

It is not mandatory to stay in hospital only for this test because it can be done at home. At home person is in own surroundings and hence will get more comfortable and physiological sleep so the results attained at home are more accurate.

It can be done by full polysomnography and also by newer method called Watch PAT.

PSG involves overnight monitoring by EEG, ECG, Electro-oculography , Leg and chin EMG, measurements of respiratory effort, air flow, oxygen saturation. Audiovisual recordings are also noted to know the crescendo snoring and thoracoabdominal movements to distinguish between obstructive and non obstructive sleep apnoea.