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I am having a blockage sensation in my ear and decreased hearing after ear drum damage due an injury in the ear. What is to be done?

When an injury causing ear drum perforation occurs, it may cause decreased hearing and ear blockage. It may also sometimes cause tinnitus/ ringing sensation in the ear or numbness in the ear. This may be due to a blunt trauma which may have occurred from a slap or during playing with a ball/ balloon or it may be due to penetrating injury from an accident or while self- cleaning the ear by bud/pin/stick. 85% of the traumatic perforations heal spontaneously within 4-6 weeks, while the remaining require some kind of intervention, in the form of patching or surgery. So, one should wait for 4-6 weeks before deciding on some kind of intervention and during that period, the patient should come for follow up so that the evaluation for healing can be done.