Some important tips to maintain healthy voice

Some important tips to maintain healthy voice

TVoice is the sound produced by vibration of the vocal cords when the air escapes out through the larynx bringing the cords closer to each other. Proper care and use of your voice improves the likelihood of having a healthy voice for your entire lifetime.

What are the points that indicate that there is a voice problem?

There may be change in voice like it has become hoarse or rough or raspy or heavy. One feels that the throat is scratchy or raw. The person may feel frequent need to clear the throat.

When the person feels it is taking effort to produce the voice or one feels that throat and voice gets tired. If the person is a singer then they may feel that they are unable to produce high pitch notes properly. These problems may arise due to infection, cancer, gastric acid reflux, over or misuse of voice etc.

There are certain points that one should follow in order to have a healthy voice.

One should drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated.

It is very important to keep one self well hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water. In hydrated vocal cords voice production is smooth while in dehydrated cords there is a lot of friction in the layers of vocal cord which may lead to some problems in voice. Also in hydrated person the mucus production is good which keeps the cords lubricated. One should drink around 8-10 glass of water every day.

One should also remember that in order to take plenty of fluids one should not take the beverages which causes dehydration like coffee, alcohol etc.

Avoid frequent throat clearing

Repeated throat clearing causes vocal cord injury, which can lead to hoarseness. If one feels the need to clear the throat then one should take small sips of water or do simple swallowing to alleviate the sensation of throat clearing.

Avoid irritants

One should avoid irritants which causes inflammation and irritation of the vocal cords like smoking, alcohol intake and foods which cause hyperacidity and acid reflux.

Maintain good vocal habits

These play very important part in maintaining good voice.

  • One should not do screaming, yelling or whispering as these causes strain on the vocal cords.
  • Loud talking in situations like family gathering, parties, in restaurants or over loud music may cause unnecessary strain on the vocal cords and hence may cause change in voice. If one must talk in these circumstances then one should move closer to person to whom you are talking.
  • While addressing public gathering or when speaking in front of gathering one should use microphones and should take sips of water in between if it’s a long meeting.
  • One should take frequent pauses while talking so as not to cause prolong stress on voice.

It is very important to visit the ENT specialist as soon as possible if one notices change in voice.