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What are ear tube and why are they needed?

Ear tubes are small tubes of Teflon/silicon or titanium which are surgically placed in the ear drums These are also known as “tympanostomy tubes”, “pressure equalizing tubes”. The placement of these tubes is one of the most common surgical procedure done in children. The insertion of these tubes helps in aeriation of the middle ear and thereby prevention the collection of fluid in middle ear.

The common reasons for which these tubes are placed:
● Recurrent middle ear infections.
● Persisting middle ear fluid (Otitis media with effusion)
● Persistent acute middle ear infection
● Persistent retraction of the ear drum leading to the hearing loss.

In simple words if there are recurrent episodes of ear pain or sense of ear blockage with decreased hearing or acute infection which is not responding to medical treatment then there is a possibility that one may require placement of ear tubes.