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What are the degrees of hearing loss?

When a patient gets the hearing test done then the information which may affect the management of hearing loss is the type of the hearing loss and the degree of the hearing loss. Depending on the amount of hearing loss in decibels it is classified as follows:

1. 0-25 Decibels-----Normal hearing

2. 26-40 Decibels----Mild hearing loss

3. 41-55 Decibels---Moderate hearing loss

4. 56-70 Decibels---Moderately severe hearing loss

5. 71-90 Decibels---Severe hearing loss

6. >90 Decibels------Profound hearing loss

The provides a guide to quantify the hearing loss and manage it effectively as in severe and profound hearing loss, hearing aid may not be beneficial and option for managing this kind of hearing loss is cochlear implant surgery .