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What should I do if I have nose bleed at home?

Nose bleed are not uncommon. These may be sometimes scary as a small injury to nose may also present as a lot of bleeding from nose. Nasal bleeds are common in adults as well as in children.

Although it is terrifying but one can do certain steps which may help to stop the bleeding at home.
• One should sit and lean forward so that blood collects anteriorly and don’t flow back down the throat.
• Pinch the nose just above the nostrils for 10-15 minutes. If the bleeding is from the front part of nose then the pressure by pinching can stop the bleeding.
• Place the ice pack (ice cubes in a zip pouch or a small plastic bag/pouch) over the nose for some time.

Most of the mild to moderate bleeding stops after the above-mentioned steps but in cases where bleeding is very profuse or the bleeding does not stop, one should immediately consult/ visit the doctor or visit the emergency of nearby hospital.