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Will my nose be blocked after sinus surgery and will I be able to breath from nose after the surgery?

Sinus surgery is a very broad and generalized term for all type of procedures done for nasal sinuses. It is important to note that all sinus surgeries are not same. It may be a balloon sinuplasty where no packing of the nose is done or it may be a sinus surgery involving all the sinuses with polyps or fungal sinusitis where some packing may be required. Now a days depending upon the procedure packing with absorbable pack can be done in particular area of surgery which may not cause difficulty in breathing. If procedure involved correction of nasal septum also then silicon splints with breathing tubes can be put so that the patient can breathe through nose and there is not much discomfort. In some situations where nasal packing is required with nasal dressings then there will be some discomfort for the time period till it is not removed. These may include nasal blockage and patient will have to breathe through mouth, heaviness over face and head, watering from eyes, dryness of throat.