Candidacy for BAHA

Are you a good candidate for BAHA System?

  • ≥ 5 years of age
  • ≤ 45 dB HL BC PTA ≥ 60% speech discrimination scores
  • Symmetric bone conduction thresholds are defined as less than 10 dB difference in average or less than 15 dB at individual frequencies (0.5, 1, 2, and 4Khz)
  • If your hearing aids not helping you out in listening external sound
  • If you have strenuous ears
  • If you are deaf from one ear
  • If the sound quality is distorted even after using hearing aids
  • If you have distorted ear passages

If you can observe anyone of above-mentioned sign with yourself, then you may take benefit from a Baha bone conduction system.