Ear Specialist (Otologist) in Delhi

Ear Specialist in Delhi

17 Feb 2021

The ear problems can be very troublesome and need an expert to diagnose and treat them properly. You can now consult the Best Otology Doctor In Delhi for any issue related to the ear. Proper advice after a complete diagnosis from an experienced doctor can help you to get relief from the ear issues. Starting from ear pain, ear discharge, and hearing loss to vertigo and ear tumors are the issues that are commonly dealt with by ear specialists. Ear specialist performs a wide variety of surgeries to address the problems related to infection and hearing loss.


A tympanoplasty is an operation to remove the infection from the middle ear and repair the sound conducting mechanism of the ear with or without the repair of the eardrum. This operation is done to prevent repeated ear infections and also to improve hearing. With the proper diagnosis, you can regain your hearing back. This operation is done when a patient has a history of ear discharge for more than three months with also a history of hearing loss. Depending upon the intensity of hearing loss and the condition of the eardrum, different types of tympanoplasty operations are advised and done.

A stapedotomy (or stapedectomy) is an operation to improve hearing in patients who have otosclerosis. In this operation, a hole is made in fixed stapes bone, and an artificial piston is placed in that hole. This helps to bypass the fixed stapes, and sound is conducted to the inner ear with the help of the piston.

An ossiculoplasty is an operation where damaged ossicles are repaired so that hearing is improved. These ossicles are generally damaged due to chronic ear infections or the retracted eardrum. In this operation, we may either use our own cartilage from the pinna or an artificial prosthesis to achieve the desired result. This operation can be done from behind the ear or from the ear canal itself, depending on the type of operation. If only the ossicle is to be repaired, then this surgery is done under local anesthesia so that improvement in hearing can be checked on the table.

A mastoidectomy is an operation that is aimed to remove any cholesteatoma and infection in your ear and mastoid bone (ear bone) so that a safe, disease-free ear can be achieved. The condition in the ear can spread to various adjacent structures, which can lead to complications. Your ENT specialist may need to clear disease from all the affected areas. You can expect some hearing loss from a radical and modified radical mastoidectomy. But these days, an experienced surgeon can reconstruct the hearing mechanism in the same sitting. Antibiotics ordinarily treat infections, but surgery is the treatment for the chronic ear infection causing perforation in the eardrum or cases with cholesteatoma.

Myringotomy with tympanostomy tube insertion
This operation is done to improve the hearing in patients where there is fluid behind the eardrum. If not addressed and the fluid remains there for a long time, then it causes the eardrum to weaken and retract over the ossicles and promontory. This can lead to cholesteatoma formation. This surgery in children is generally done along with adenoidectomy if effusion exists. In children, it is done under general anesthesia.

Cochlear implant surgery
The cochlear implant is done where hearing loss is such that even a hearing aid cannot provide adequate amplification.
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