Cochlear Implant In Delhi

Cochlear Implant In Delhi

Most of us are born with the senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, also something we take for granted, that is unless they weaken or we lose them. Take the sense of hearing for example, and imagine how it empowers us everyday, and helps us work, socialise, communicate, and in general go on with our everyday lives. As people grow older, their sense of hearing can weaken. Research shows that one in two people above the age of 50 find it difficult to understand what others are saying especially in busy, chaotic places. For people who are suffering hearing loss due to age, their ability to hear softer sounds starts diminishing first, but it extends to other sounds eventually. There are also children who have no hearing by birth or have lost their sense of hearing or it is severely damaged because of infections and other medical problem.

Now, hearing aids have been around for a long time and have empowered people to go on with their everyday lives. But they are not for everyone. Children with severe or profound sensorineural hearing loss, a condition involving damage to hair cells inside the ear called the cochlea, a cochlear transplant is the answer. It is in fact the only implant that can replace a sense completely. A cochlear implant is a saviour for children and babies who have severely damaged hearing.

Cochlear implant involves an electronic medical device, which is surgically implanted. Unlike a hearing aid, it doesn’t just amplify sounds, but bypasses damaged hair cells and stimulates the auditory nerve sending sound signals directly to the brain. The implant consists of a sound processor that is placed behind the ear, which sends signals to a receiver, which is implanted behind the ear surgically.

The cost of the cochlear implant surgery depends on factors like the type of the implant to be implanted, whether the surgery is being done in one ear or both the ears.

In the capital city, Delhi, there are good, reputed hospitals and ENT specialists that can conduct the surgery. In fact, the city has already hosted thousands of patients from countries like Dubai, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, and Qatar, given India’s stellar reputation as a medical tourism destination and the availability of world class surgeons and service.

For patients travelling to Delhi for cochlear surgery, the most important thing is to do their research on the surgery, join online support groups for first hand accounts, and make sure you pick a reputed surgeon and hospital, and set up a telephonic conversation with them first.

It is also important to know that you will have to go through tests before the surgery, which might add to your expenses, and the time you spend in the city. The patient also needs to spend two to three days in the hospital post surgery with a bandage covering the surgery area.

Children who are getting the surgery needs to undergo speech and habilitation therapy so they can acquire speech, language and other skills.

Lastly book your consultation with the doctor, have a detailed discussion with doctor about each and every aspect of the surgery and habilitation so that you can take a well informed decision and plan accordingly